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Posts published in “Web Development”

How to see the exact IP Address when using cloudflare?


Hi everyone, When you are using Cloudflare it will mask the Client Ip address, So cloudflare provide us variable that help to find the actual IP address of users. Check below to code the variable…

Configuration setting for .conf file in apache


Hello everyone, You are here it means you stuck in your server setting, so please add this code in your /etc/apache2/sites-available/ directory for configuring your domain to your server. After saving this file with nano command, or whatever your…

What is Redux in React JS?


Redux is a state management library that is often used with React Js. It provides a centralized store for the application state and allows for easy management of the state through actions and reducers. In…

How to create Remember me function in PHP with CodeIgniter?


Hi Guys, In this tutorial I am going to create Remember me function in PHP with Cookie, Remember me function is used to save user password and username when user click on checkbox Remember me.…

How to get SITE URL in javascript


Below is the code that help to get the site url in javascript, the purpose of this code is Sometime we need the site url in using js, in mine case i need to call…

How to maintain the scroll of page we have visited previously using localStorage


Here’s the Code that I have used for maintaining the scroll of web page I have visited Previously using localStorage. $(function () {/scroll maintaining states/var storedResult = localStorage.getItem("location");var storedURL = localStorage.getItem("url");if (storedURL !== 'undefined' &&…